UPG Interactions: Business and the Youth Skills Gap

The future of young people affects all of us and it is important to act:

  • United People Global is facilitating interactions in communities across the world, working with engaged and action-oriented Hosts.
  • Whether your city or community is already taking action, or not, an interaction focused on the youth skills gap is an opportunity keep things moving in the right direction.
  • Game changer: the recommendations in the global report can lead to the right kinds of collaborations and above all, a more secure economic future for real people everywhere.  Take action


Learn more about upcoming interactions. To learn about outcomes please see further below.

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Quotes from Stakeholders

Around the world, many employers who already are struggling to fill job vacancies cast a wary eye toward the future. The existing mismatch between youth skills and employer needs threatens to become even wider as Industry 4.0 transforms business and jobs faster than workers can adapt.

Sarah Brown
Executive Chair, Global Business Coalition for Education
President, Theirworld.

Entrepreneurship provides opportunities for youth to bypass traditional barriers to employment. And by supporting entrepreneurship we enable youth to be a powerful part of the solution.

Yemi Babington-Ashaye
President, United People Global
Commissioner, Youth Skills and Innovation Commission

While that may sound dire, leaders and visionaries recognize it as an obligation—even an opportunity—to reconsider how jobs and skills should be aligned, and how potential employees can demonstrate these skills.

Punit Renjen
Deloitte Global CEO

We carry an exciting energy, enthusiasm, and creativity as youth in what we do, thus it is a waste of human capital when these gifts are not tapped in improving businesses, letting potentials lie idle, and putting the current and future world of work in jeopardy.

Nina Mbah
GBC-Education Youth Skills and Innovation Initiative: Youth Network

People do not want to invest in nor work for a company that is not socially responsible. Investing in their current and future workforce by developing skilling, re-skilling, and life-long learning programs is therefore critical and essential.

Shea Gopaul
Founder & executive director, Global Apprenticeship Network

Business is the X factor. Youth investment needs to made tangible and real for the bottom line of business.

Daniella Foster
Senior director, Global Corporate Responsibility, Hilton

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